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I’m Richard (the guy in the cool glasses to your left), and I created Lawyers Rock to help Entertainment people like you understand the business and legal side of the industry so you can protect yourself and your work. Join 6,873 other entertainment pros and get the Ebook: Brand Protection For Entertainment Entrepreneurs.

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Music Companies

Music Industry

Music Companies Rock!

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Reality TV/Indie Film Producers

Reality TV and Indie Films

Production Companies Rock!

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Entertainment Entrepreneurs



We inform entrepreneurs about business need-to-know topics, such as forming an entity, copyright/trademark registration, securing domain names, fundraising, and handling contracts. Since this site focuses on entrepreneurs that operate in innovative industries, we put more of an emphasis on the complex intellectual property issues, creative dealmaking and addressing the ongoing effort of maintaining a vibrant digital presence.

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Brand Protection


The most important asset of your business is your brand. This not only includes obvious intangible assets, such as intellectual property, but also things like customer information, financial data, domain names, contacts, proprietary work, processes and other similar items that add to the value of your business. Protecting these assets is imperative to achieving success.

Brand Protection involves using a combination of legal and business strategies to stop or deter others from infringing on your name or logo. Common brand protection matters include infringement actions, domain name disputes, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, non-disclosure agreement violations, cybersquatting, counterfeiting, unauthorized uses, and other bad acts.

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